About AntiStar

AntiStar began as a Culture Jamming underground handmade T Shirt company back in 2002 as revolt to the status quo. 2016 marks the year of our above ground online presence. We are a New York City based company producing apparel, books, and news for fiercely independent minded individuals who don't go along to get along and are proud to express a stylish and uncommon persona. Classic Anarchy is our underlying message. That doesn't mean we want to burn the world down. It means we believe in people, no matter what race, creed or color, and their ability to know what's best for themselves. We don't like sheep minded zombies that lick the boots of their masters. We despise the use of force to make others go along with some establishment technocrat's vision of how the world should be. The result of our efforts will produce more diversity, more innovation and expression, more localized sets of rules, more justice, and above all, more FREEDOM.  We want you to LOVE our products so tune us in and we'll turn you on. Together we'll change the world one T Shirt at a time.

Contact: info@AntiStar.us

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